Immediate Solutions for the Water-Trapped Feeling

18 September 2023
Category: Ear Pro Blog

Understanding the Water-Trapped Sensation in Your Ear

That muffled sensation, the subtle shifts in hearing, the feeling that you’ve submerged even on dry land – we’ve all faced the discomfort of “feels like water in my ear.” But why does this feeling persist, especially when there’s no water insight?

Ear Drops in the EU

A quick trip to any European pharmacy, and you’ll find an array of ear drops tailored for “water stuck in ear for days.”

  • Alcohol based drying drops: Specially formulated to alleviate the sensation of trapped water, a bit harsh on the skin of the ear but ok if used sparingly.
  • Vinegar/glycerin based drops: A little less harsh than alcohol based drops.
  • Ear Pro: A unique preventative formulation that not only addresses the sensation but also moisturizes the ear, ideal for both prevention and relief.

Home Remedies Across Europe: Old Wives’ Tales or Effective Solutions?

1. Olive Oil (Mediterranean region): A few drops of lukewarm olive oil can act as a lubricant, helping to drive out trapped water. This remedy is especially popular in countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece.

2. Warm Compress (Central Europe): Holding a warm compress or cloth against the ear can aid in evaporating trapped water, a practice often used in countries like Germany and France.

3. The Gravity Tilt (Pan-European): Tilt your head to the side and jump on one foot – it’s an age-old method popular across the continent to relieve the “feeling of water in ear.” Looks a little silly but can work if there are no other remedies available.

Addressing the Water-Trapped Sensation with European Flair

Whether it’s the “sounds like water in my ear” feeling or genuine trapped moisture, the UK and EU offer a plethora of solutions. From ear drops to time-honoured home remedies, there’s always a solution to navigate the discomfort and enjoy a clear, unobstructed hearing experience.  We at Ear Pro prefer preventing trapped water issues before they have a chance t get started but know this requires a change in behaviour and is not always front of mind.

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